AI & IIoT driven Manufacturing Operations Management

Empower your factories with IIoT and AI
for more visible and efficient production


Digital Servitization Platform for Machine Builders/OEM

Optimize your machines / production lines with AI
and start your machines think and talk

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What is FabMetrics?

FabMetrics is an AI-driven IIoT platform developed for manufacturers and machine builders / OEM / System Integrators. Its primary goal is to give accesibility to Industry 4.0. For manufacturers we help you digitalize your production lines/machines by collecting data from the connected sensors and turning this data to value over AI models. Our models and real-time visibility features will increase the efficiency of your lines/machines, product quality and performance. For Machine Builders we help you to offer Digital Services around IIoT and AI.

Accessiable, Result Oriented Compact Solutions

Why FabMetrics?

Easy to get started, Four Step Process

Analyzing Factory

We analyze the manufacturing environment to determine which sensor data and reports needed together with your technical and management team.

Connecting to /
Placing sensors

Based on analysis, we connect to current PLCs, sensors or any data source (HMI, OPC, etc.) if required install new sensors.

FabMetrics Gateway

Next step is to place FabMetrics Gateway(™), it only requires Power and WAN/3G connection.

Accesing Real Time Production Insights

FabMetrics will collect, analyze and report real-time production data and make accessible over a web browser. Our AI agents turn this data into insights for you.

FabMetrics Suite


FabMetrics Gateway

FabMetrics Gateway is the bridge between job shop floor and cloud. It is designed as an IoT management tool for industrial applications. It enables secure transfer of your data to cloud.


FabMetrics MES

FabMetrics MES is the software where people working on the floor can access data about their operations. It also enables to see the data generated at external systems ( Work orders, Variables of Machnines, Test Results of Products etc.).


FabMetrics Insight

FabMetrics Insight is the cloud solution where middle and top managers can see the complete digital shadow of the factory. FabMetrics Insight is a useful tool where manager can see their reports and AI of algorithms.


FabMetrics AI

FabMetrics AI is a solution to convert streaming data from the production site and assets into actionable insights with AI algorithms. On this platform, your engineers can also deploy their AI models next to our off-the-shelf models.