Accessiable, Result Oriented Compact Solutions

Why FabMetrics?

Easy to get started, Four Step Process


01 Analyze the Factory

We analyze the manufacturing environment to determine which sensor data and reports needed together with your technical and management team.

02 Connect to/ Place sensors

Based on the analysis, we connect to current PLCs, sensors or any data source (HMI, OPC, Fanuc, etc.) if required install new sensors.

03 Configure FabMetrics Gateway

Next step is to place FabMetrics Gateway(™), it only requires Power and WAN connection.

04 Access to real-time reports

FabMetrics will collect, analyze and report real-time production data. All reports can be accessed over browser

Digitizing  Production Lines

Digitizing Production Lines

FabMetrics solutions help you to reach digitalized production lines. The sensors and machines on your lines have plenty of valuable data. Our products help you to gather this data and convert them to business and engineering insights. In this way, you will be able to increase the efficiencies of your lines and also the product quality and performance.

The big data collected from your factory is used processed at our Machine Learning algorithms and helps you to identify potential problems before your machines break (predictive maintenance). Also, the anomalies on your processes are reported you concurrently. FabMetrics provides you a range of reports :

  • OEE reports
  • Real-time production reports
  • A live view of the production line
  • Historical efficiency and stop reports
  • Breakdown time reports


FabMetrics makes Industry 4.0 accessible for any size of manufacturing company thanks to the power and efficiency of Cloud Computing. Main features of the solutions are :

  • Semi-SaaS solution
  • Quick implementation
  • No server configuration & management problems
  • Pay as you go
  • Powerful standard reporting with customization options
  • Secure and Off-line data collection continuity
  • REST API based integrations with 3rd party applications (ERP or any other MES)
  • ML supported predictive maintenance and anomaly detection / notifications
Features / Advantages
Suite of software & hardware

FabMetrics Suite

FabMetrics is a suite of software/hardware solutions.

  • "FabMetrics Gateway" is the bridge between job shop floor and cloud. It is designed as an IoT management tool for industrial applications. It enables the secure transfer of your data to the cloud.
  • "FabMetrics MES" is the software where people working on the floor can access data about their operations. It also enables to see the data generated at external systems ( Work orders, Variables of Machines, Test Results of Products, etc.).
  • "FabMetrics Insight" is the cloud solution where middle and top managers can see the complete digital footprint of the factory and manage MES and Gateway. "FabMetrics Insight" is a useful tool where managers can see their reports and track the process anomalies.

Software as a Service solution

FabMetrics works semi-SaaS

  • No server configuration/management problems
  • Pay as you go
  • Quick implementation
  • Powerful standard reporting with customization options
Software as a Service solution
Accessible Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is happening

FabMetrics makes Industry 4.0 and "Machine Learning" with Industrial IoT inputs accessible for any size of the manufacturer. We create value for a wide range of industries such as Metal-Working, Energy, and Petrochemicals. Thanks to the power of Cloud Computing and flexible architecture of FabMetrics Solution, any size of company can effort Industry 4.0. You can also start digitalizing critical operations of your lines or some parts of the plant.

Big Data & ML Enriched

As FabMetrics has been developing by Cloud Computing and Big Data Experts, it includes with Machine Learning algorithms and Predictive Maintenance features. In accordance with the characteristics of your processes, our Deep Learning experts fine-tune the algorithms to provide you better results.

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Smart Alarms and Anomaly detections
  • Forecasted Reports
Predictive Maintenance